LegalPeers - LegalPeers

A partner of PeersGroup, LegalPeers is a law firm offering a wide range of services tailored to the needs of public and private clients.

Headed by Arnold Vève, a lawyer registered with the Paris Bar, LegalPeers works alongside PeersGroup entities, if necessary in an embedded capacity, on clients’ organisational, technical and financial projects.

The team at LegalPeers has one and only one aim and that is to ensure that your projects are legally secure whilst taking full account of the challenges you face and your internal objectives.

The resolutely operational focus adopted by LegalPeers means that it is ideally placed to anticipate your legal and contractual risks and propose the most appropriate contractual arrangements and levers to keep the risk of litigation to a minimum.

LegalPeers puts lawyers and legal experts at the centre of projects, with the conviction that legal teams can be real business partners with an active role to play in developing a company’s business.


years’ experience, including ten as an in-house lawyer


complex projects legally secured in 2020


clients (public entities, intermediate-sized enterprises, major accounts, etc.)